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Trips to the beach can be enormous fun because you will be making memories with friends and family. However, if you are not prepared well, you will not have as much fun there. Here we have tips and tricks just to make sure that you are well prepared for the beach. When packing, carry a sand-free beach bag. Sand is so much fun at the beach but annoying when you go back home and everything you carried to the beach has sand in it. However, you will not have any problems if you carry a sand-free beach bag because once you get home, you will just have to shake it and all the sand will come off.


If you do not want to be bitten by insects, carry some bug spray just in case there are bugs. Get a floatation device that you will hook your keys in. This will make sure you do not lose your keys if you accidentally drop them in the ocean. It is important that you learn how to identify rip currents as it causes a huge number of fatalities at the beach. Look for a break in the incoming wave pattern and if there is a line of debris and foam that is steadily moving towards the sea, avoid this area.


It is advisable that you practice to only swim as beaches with lifeguard protection and keep to all the rules. If by any chance you get caught in a rip current, you should just stay calm not fighting the current. Go ahead and swim parallel to shore then towards the shoreline. Never jump in to save someone when you notice they have been caught in there rather call a lifeguard immediately. Although plastic bags are not good for the environment, it is advisable that you bring plenty of them. This will make sure you have a place to keep the trash. Watch to learn more about fishing.


Pack lunches separately so that if one falls in the sand, you still have another that one can eat. There should be a dust broom in the car that will help you brush down your body and clothes before you go home. If there is medication that your family needs, bring them all along. This will keep you ready even when you have a medical emergency. While in the water, you can wear flip flops so that you do not get cut or grazes on your feet. Visit if you have questions.